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Stop gifting the deadly habit!

You know that smoking kills, even then you are encouraging the future generations to do the same mistake, Parents and Adult smokers should  help to reduce the adoption of smoking among future generations by successfully quitting smoking.

Parents / Teachers / Lecturers / Professors / Engineers / Doctors / Advocates / Politicians / Actors / Sportsmen everyone has to stop smoking for the betterment of our future generations

You should become the best example to Quit Smoking for Good.

About 80,000 to 1,00,000 kids start smoking every day.

Among youth (age 13-15), 27 percent are exposed to second-hand smoke at home and 40 percent are exposed to second-hand smoke in public places.

50% of the kids who start smoking early in life continue smoking for another 15to 20 years before quitting.

On average, adults who smoke cigarettes die 14-20 years earlier than non-smokers

Second Hand / Passive Smoking

A non-smoker living with the smoker (who use 2 cigarette packs a day) passively smokes equivalent to 3 cigarettes a day.

More than 40% of youth is exposed to smoke from cigarettes/bidi of other peoples.

Passive smoking increases a risk of getting heart diseases and many lung diseases.

Mostly women and children have to suffer the bad effects of passive smoking.

Passive smoking during pregnancy results in babies with very low birth weight.

Third hand smoke

Third hand smoke is something people should be taking seriously.   When you smoke -anyplace - toxic particulate matter from tobacco smoke gets into your hair and clothing," if you walk into a home or sit in a car and smelled the pungent odour of a distant cigarette, that is third hand smoke.

In fact, only about 30% of the smoke is inhaled. The remaining 70% go out into the atmosphere and form a reservoir of "Third hand smoke".

With each cigarette, third hand smoke gets into furniture, carpets , clothing, blankets, hair and toys. Babies and children are most at risk from third hand smoke. kids are "on the floors, on the rugs in our home, and young children very tactile. They pick things up and put it in their mouth. Long term those low level exposure dosages will have health effects.

Smoking in toilets is extremely dangerous to not just your helath but to other people's health who use the toilet after you.

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